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.Over-the-shoulder secrets from the most successful online sellers, marketers, and businessmen. The program was made guarantee your passive income, your big money. 

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The program of 52 courses
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.What you get

52 pro video courses created by real people, successful Internet marketers making big money online right now..


52 new courses for $2.94



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Affiliate Marketing Made Easy
Make the quickest buck you can possibly get from the web by taking advantage of the $20 Billion Industry.

Animation Playbook Advanced
Get a “Hands On” Course With 15 Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials Showing how to make Pro Animations.

Backward Funnel Blueprint
Create All Your Products In Your Sales Funnel To Ensure You Have The Highest Converting Sales Funnel.

Bing Ads Advanced
Get targeted traffic with hungry buyers using Bing Ads Advanced to not waste money on paid adverts.

Blogging Paycheck
A new step-by-step system to monetize blogs and generate multiple passive income streams.

Client Magnet YouTube Marketing
The principles to give you exclusive tools to control what you do to make big money the easiest way.

Content Marketing Blueprint
This course is a Chance to Finally Skyrocket your sales by drastically increasing your visibility online.

Cryptocurrency Secrets
A video version of the advanced training to show you secrets to grow your wealth much faster.

FaceBook Cash Formula
Take control of your financial destiny, start making big money online with this new profit-pulling system.

Facebook Marketing Excellence
Free Traffic Revealed: insider’s secrets to unlock FB for huge targeted traffic that puts money in your pocket.

FB ReMarketing
Be amazed to see how easy it is to get back your desired audience and convert them into loyal customers.

Facebook Super Pack
A Step-By-Step walkthrough of the newest FB marketing strategy to maximize traffic, leads, and sales.

Fast Cash Mechanics
Discover How To Generate Quick Cash Online Without A SEO Knowledge, HTML Knowledge, Or Special Skills.

Free Traffic System
Discover how to drive a massive totally free traffic to your website applying this new system.

Instagram Ads Made Easy
The over the shoulder tutorial to enable you to get more by using Instagram advertising in your business.

Instagram Stories
To Leverage Instagram and its Brand New Stories Feature to get Highly Engaged Followers and Traffic.

Instant Conversion Mastery
Discover The Exact Instant Conversion Techniques Used To Turn Every Visitor Into Cash 100% Guaranteed.

Internet Marketing For Business People
A shortcut to save time, working faster to build a digital empire around a busy work schedule.

Internet Marketing Lifestyle
Be a Marketing Expert, get much higher results Faster than you ever thought was possible.

Internet Marketing Profits
Premium Business in a box, Sell your own products and services to keep 100% profit for yourself.

Lead Generation Mastery
Step-By-Step method to create massive leads and start getting insane profit with no big experience.

LinkedIn Marketing 3.0 Made Easy
Tap into the world’s largest network site to get highly targeted leads without making extra efforts.

LinkedIn Made Easy
Position your business at a new level of success by dominating the greatest pro network in just hours.

Magnetic Facebook Marketing
Fast Forward Your Way Of Becoming Facebook Marketing Expert With Magnetic Facebook Marketing Video Course.

Internet Marketing For Newbies
Leverage The Power Of Internet Marketing To Get Massive Traffic And Results, even if you’re a newbie.

Media Buying Made Easy
Learn secrets to generate quality traffic using this key to unlock the targeted traffic to your website.

Million Dollar Copy
How To Become A Six-Figure Copywriter Starting Today And How You Can Do It Without Copywriting Skills.

Monetizing Your Blog
Discover a profitable method to earn money online and provide a stable income from your existing blogs.

The New Guide To SEO
Get traffic with new SEO and improve results – Become An Expert to get Free SEO Traffic.

Niche Marketing Success Secrets
Generate Multiple Income Streams By entering the Hot Niche Markets Following This Proven Formula.

Online Business Videos
New passive and active online income tutorial – Learn To Build Your Own Online Business Step-By-Step.

Online Business Advanced
People started their online businesses thanks to this knowledge – start your Best business online.

Product Launch Live Workshop
Watch over my shoulder as I take you through the easy launch of Products with this live video workshop.

Broadcast Audio with Blog Talk Radio
Discover secrets of an easiest way to start podcasting and broadcasting live audio at the push of a button.

Rapid Magnet Blueprint
Create High Converting Lead Magnets To Build a List Of Prospects To Get Them to Buy Your Products Today.

Sales Funnel Authority
Method to create new sales funnels to turn Leads into high-ticket customers – steps to your successful biz.

SEO And Tracking
Learn to Discover the most important insider’s secrets to powerful search engine optimization and tracking.

SetUp A Sales Funnel Using WordPress
Important! Sales Funnel WP. This video series will show you how to get your sales funnel much faster.

Social Income Blueprint
Successful Social Marketing Techniques You Can Use Today To Reach Your Customers For Maximum Results.

Social Media Authority
Discover How To Establish Your Online Presence to increase Revenue Using The Power of Social Media.

Social Media Income
Learn How To Build Your Brand, then Grow Your Business, and Get More Leads And Much Higher Sales.

Starting From Scratch
Fast Start your Internet marketing business to make money online having basic tools with no special skills.

The Journey To Top Blogger
Generate Passive Income – money will comes in from adverts, digital product sales, and sponsors.

Turbo Cash Tactics
Cash System of strategies to get instant payments to your account building a sustainable income.

Ultimate Passive Income
Learn new Multiple Passive Income Streams to Make Money While You Sleep. Newbie-Friendly.

2Cent YouTube Clicks Advanced
The 2Cent YouTube Clicks Training disclosed totally – From Beginner To Expert Level.

Viral Marketing Made Easy
Get the most out of Viral Marketing Methods with our easy and pin-point accurate Video Training.

WordPress Fast Track
WP Fast Track with a set of videos to get you working with WP most effectively in just 60 minutes.

WordPress Fast Track V 2.0
WP Fast Track V2.0 to Discover How To Become A WP Site Building Expert In Just an Hour Starting Right Now.

WSO Cash Machine
Top Secret of WSO System to get an insane Cash Flow – learn how to launch Your First Successful WSO ever.

YouTube Ads Made Easy
Be surprised to get this magic stick to tap into a goldmine of traffic and increase your profit.

YouTube Celebrity
A Step-By-Step Blueprint to Become a new YouTube Celebrity. We want to help you to Start right now.



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These 52 courses are made under the “For Personal Use” license. You may use the courses any way you like though not commercially, you cannot sell the courses or parts of them, though you can give the courses to your relatives or friends, though a free online distribution in not allowed. SHORTLY SPEAKING, the License allows the use, the courses are to help YOU to make your business easier and gain much money online.

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